MSA Grid, powered by Safety io

Compliance assurance and remote monitoring tools for your portable gas detectors.

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Drive safety improvements and accountability with a connected gas detection program.

Grid services are a remote monitoring and smart compliance management solution for your fleet of portable gas detectors.

Your detectors store a lot of data that, with the right lens, can provide you with unique safety insights.

The Grid services can be that lens.

Check out this interactive video and see how the MSA Grid Can help you address the most common safety challenges.

Cloud-Based MSA Grid Services

The MSA Grid cloud-based software provides real-time visibility across your worksites—including workers and workflows—accessible from anywhere with an internet connection via desktop or mobile.

Our cloud-based solutions helps us provide you with cost-efficient, flexible services.

MSA Grid is powered by Safety io, which has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification for its information security management system.

With the Grid services you can transform your gas detection program into an empowering safety platform.

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Our Services

Grid Fleet Manager

Web-based service to streamline your gas detection fleet management and help you regain control of your detection program.

What are the benefits?

  • Take action on safety and maintenance concerns
  • Drive worker accountability with insights from your data
  • Comply with OSHA record-keeping requirements (where applicable)

It supports the following MSA equipment:

  • Any detector in the ALTAIR® family
  • GALAXY GX2 automated test system

Grid Live Monitor

Know what's going on and take action when seconds count. Be aware of hazard and compliance concerns with your team in real time.

What are the benefits?

  • Real-time alarm alerts about gas readings or other hazards
  • Real-time compliance alerts and location awareness
  • Individual or group evacuation control

It supports the following MSA equipment:

  • ALTAIR® io4
  • ALTAIR® io360
  • MSA Hub

Transform your gas detection program into an empowering safety platform.

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Learn more about how MSA ALTAIR® portable detectors and Grid services can provide a connected gas detection solution.

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The MSA Grid, connected by Safety io

To help ensure that your information remains confidential and safe, Safety io maintains a rigorous data privacy policy and strict protection system.

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Grid Fleet Manager
Grid Live Monitor


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