Research and Development

MSA Research

Rigorous Research and Development Drives Unmatched Quality

MSA introduced the revolutionary Edison Electric Cap Lamp in 1914. And in the decades since, we’ve been at the forefront of hundreds of safety innovations that protect workers, consistently pushing the envelope in ways that provide the highest levels of safety for workers across the world.

When we create our products, we’re guided by a single question: how do we meet and exceed our customers’ safety needs? We solicit feedback from customers worldwide, we listen closely, and we make sure we incorporate their ideas into our product lines.

Making Sure Tomorrow Is Even Safer Than Today

Our product development teams are constantly refining designs, scrupulously analyzing internal testing and Alpha and Beta consumer evaluations. We use three-dimensional ZPrinting, fused deposition modeling, and stereolithography to create continually evolving prototypes.

Once a product is ready for release, it must pass one final rigorous review process and a tough line of questioning: Have all design review issues been addressed? Does the product meet MSA’s standard of excellence? Have all approvals been secured? Can it be manufactured at a cost that provides genuine value to a customer? If the answer is “yes” to these and other questions, only then is the product ready to bear the MSA name.

Recognized for Our Contributions

In 2007, we were named the Outstanding Corporate Innovator by the Product Development and Management Association. Previous winners include Apple, BMW, and Harley-Davidson. But while awards are nice, we prefer to know that our researchers and product development teams are constantly striving to keep people safe across the world.