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Designed to detect flammable gas or vapor, the stainless steel Series 47K gas sensors offer a cost-effective way to detect hazards in the air. The sensors come in poison resistant and high-temperature versions, and have three- or five-wire connection.

Part Number

S47K-PRP, Sensor & Junction Box, SS 316, 3/4"NPT cable glands, Screw terminals

Length: 173.000 MM (6.811 IN)
Width: 120.000 MM (4.724 IN)
Height: 97.000 MM (3.819 IN)
Weight: 1.060 KG (2.337 LB)

S47K-PRP, Sensor & Junction Box, SS 316, M25 cable glands, Spring terminals

Length: 156.000 MM (6.142 IN)
Width: 144.000 MM (5.669 IN)
Height: 97.000 MM (3.819 IN)
Weight: 1.030 KG (2.271 LB)

Detector S47K-HT PRP, M25, 10m cable

Length: 271.000 MM (10.669 IN)
Width: 215.000 MM (8.465 IN)
Height: 115.000 MM (4.528 IN)
Weight: 0.990 KG (2.183 LB)
  • Poison Resistant (PRP) and High Temperature (HT) versions
  • Suitable for use in safety related systems (ATEX 94/9/EC)
  • 3, 4 or 5 wire connection
  • Stainless steel sensor body
  • Complete range of accessories
  • Fast response time
  • Excellent performance cost ratio
  • Safety Integrity Level – SIL 2

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