Connected Work: ALTAIR io™ 4 Gas Detection Wearable

ALTAIR io™ 4
Gas Detection Wearable

Now available! Equipped with instant cellular connectivity for real-time visibility across your worksites from day one.

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Automatic Connectivity

Built-in cutting-edge, CAT-M LTE cellular connectivity and integration with the MSA Grid. Deploys in seconds, right out of the box. No IT required.

Over-the-Air Updates

The best just keeps getting better. Rich, new safety and detection features are delivered safely and securely from our cloud to your fleet.

Automatic Bump and Calibration

When in the Dock, the ALTAIR io 4 portable gas detector knows when it needs a bump test or calibration to be compliant and immediately runs the appropriate test.

Rugged, Durable Design and Industry-Leading XCell® Sensors

Military-grade durability. IP68 rating. Survives a 25-foot drop test. Breakthrough sensor design enables faster response and shorter span calibrations. Rated to last for years.

ALTAIR io™ Dock

Works seamlessly with the ALTAIR io 4 portable gas detector.

  • Leverages the ALTAIR io 4 connectivity for fast, correct test system setup – no complex user-interface or messy calibration gas tubing. Easy setup is via app, and leverages the connectivity of the ALTAIR io 4 to set up your test systems quickly and correctly.
  • When the ALTAIR io 4 is in the Dock, all compliance reporting is sent immediately to your MSA Grid account. There is no human interaction, helping to minimize the risks associated with record keeping.

MSA id

With MSA id, digitally assigning io 4 devices is as simple as a "tap" and returning them happens with just a "click" when users put the devices back into the charger. This RFID tagging system allows workers to check-in and have an ALTAIR io 4 assigned to them without infrastructure, manual processes, or clipboard sign-ins. All real-time and historical device data is tied to the worker – promoting accountability and compliance of use.

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