Benefits - Work / Life Balance

MSA's Global Compensation Philosophy was designed to attract, retain and motivate high performing individuals who foster an innovative culture, generate exceptional business results and enable the company to achieve its goals while living the MSA Values. We create an environment that celebrates excellence through the trust and empowerment of people, while driving customer focused innovation throughout our world class team. We reward our associates in various ways, such as performance based salary increases and incentives.

Your Retirement

While some of you are busy thinking about your next career move, many of you may be thinking beyond your working years. We’re here to help. MSA offers retirement planning and are happy to consult you. Options may vary depending on your position/location.

Your Time

With all the stresses and demands of having a career in the 21st century, we know just how important it is to have some time off to rest and relax. This is why MSA offers generous vacation programs. In addition to vacation, MSA also provides personal days and paid holidays to every associate. Flexible start times and flexible work arrangement programs may also be available.

Your Perks

We know that you’re not just looking for just one thing in an employer, that’s why we offer a variety of perks and programs to fit your needs. You can attend a Lunch ‘N Learn or special fitness class offered by our Wellness Program, purchase Group Legal or Long Term Care insurance, or take advantage of our onsite dry cleaning and shipping services. We’re always looking for new ways to help you.