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MSA neck capes fit all V-Gard industrial helmets. They provide protection from wind, rain, dust, debris and liquid splash and moreover they enhance workers visibility. The nomex version protects in addition from limited flame spread.

Part Number

Neck Cape for MSA Helmets, PVC

Length: 332.000 MM (13.071 IN)
Width: 157.000 MM (6.181 IN)
Height: 1.000 MM (0.039 IN)
Weight: 0.050 KG (0.110 LB)

Neck Cape for MSA Helmets, Nomex

Length: 323.000 MM (12.717 IN)
Width: 205.000 MM (8.071 IN)
Height: 9.000 MM (0.354 IN)
Weight: 0.030 KG (0.066 LB)
  • Helmet neck capes provide protection from wind and rain, dust, debris and liquid splash
  • Two different versions are available to be fitted to the two rear tabs of the MSA helmet suspensions
  • Washable
  • PVC fluo orange neckcape mainly used in forestry applications
  • Nomex orange neckcape protects from limited flame spread, mainly used for OGP applications or steel industries
Markets: Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities