Fas-Trac® III Suspension for V-Gard industrial helmets


Fas-Trac® III Suspension is the Cure!

Discover how the Fas-Trac® III Suspension for V-Gard safety helmet can relieve your headaches. No more pulled hair. No more falling off. No more sacrificing worker comfort for safety. Consistently ranked high for ease of use, increased comfort and stability, the Fas-Trac III harness is the perfect remedy for your safety headaches.

  1. Comfort pad provides cushioning and improved airflow.
  2. Three levels of nape strap adjustment for customized fit.
  3. Lower nape strap improves retention - even when bending over!
  4. Smooth ratchet rotation and secure hold.
  5. Sweatband sewn in PC perforated wipeable or sweat-wicking washable.

Product Information
Visit our product pages for online and downloadable information on the Fas-Trac III Suspension and replacement parts.

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Product Explorer
A 3D exploration of the Fas-Trac III Suspension, highlighting key features and benefits.


This training-orientated videos show ease-of-use and special adjustment options of Fas-Trac III suspensions for V-Gard helmets.



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Moving helmets?

Push-Key Suspension, a simple push changes everything

The most innovative and fastest sliding suspension for safety helmet on the market. You can adjust it with one hand even when worn. The best cost-benefit ratio offered in the market. There is no denying how much a simple "Push" changes everything!

  1. Ease of use: simple push to loosen, squeeze to tighten.
  2. Greatest retention capacity: Easy to select the optimal adjustment position.
  3. Sweatband sewn in PVC perforated wipeable or sweat-wicking.

Product Information
Visit our product page for online and downloadable information on the Push-Key industrial safety helmet harness and replacements parts.

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AVAILABLE NOW for all helmets, including V-Gard®, V-Gard® 200,
V-Gard® 500, V-Gard® 520 and Thermalgard®.