Oil & Gas



When it comes to keeping your people and plant safe in the Oil and Gas industry, MSA offers the products and solutions to be your partner in safety. With over a century of experience in the safety industry, MSA designs and manufactures class-leading products and integrated systems solutions, providing global coverage with a local focus. Whether you are upstream or downstream in the Oil and Gas industry, MSA has the detection, protection and escape integrated safety solutions to serve your needs. We keep you, your workers and your plant safe all year round from hazards such as:

  • Combustible and toxic gases and vapours
  • Oxygen deficiency or enrichement    
  • Gas leaks
  • Explosions, fires and harmful smoke
  • Falling objects and knocks on machines or pipes
  • Fall from height and slips
  • High noise levels
  • Dirt or other particles dangerous for the eyes
  • UV radiation
  • Chemical splashes


To keep people and plant safe from the above dangers, MSA's products specifically meet the needs of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry and are ATEX certified.
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  • Portable Gas Detection
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
  • Supplied Air Respirators
  • Escape Devices
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Protection
  • Fall Protection
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras

Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

Breathing Apparatus

Escape Device


Fall Protection

Thermal Imaging Camera