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F2 X-TREM Accessories

To enhance the modularity of the F2 X-TREM helmet, MSA developed a wide range of accessories perfectly suited for all applications.

From helmet mounted lighting solutions to secure operations at night, to tight eye protection for wildland fire-fighting, MSA thoroughly engineered each accessory to optimize safety in a wide variety of technical rescue and wildland firefighting missions.

Protection accessories

  • Responder : high comfort, tight wildland fire safety goggle with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • Face protection visors, clear or mesh, for extrication and forestry type activities
  • Neck curtains with various materials and area of coverage
  • Helmet mounted hearing protection (SNR 31dB) for noisy applications
  • Compatibility with Full face mask (harness or helmet mounted version)

Other accessories

  • Helmet mounted, ATEX lighting solutions for enhanced, hands free visibility
  • Retro-reflective stickers to enhance wearer’s visibility in low light conditions
  • Helmet mounted voice communication headsets to enable connection to portable radiosa

Markets: Fire Service
Applications: Firefighting, Search & Rescue

Lamp attachment for F2 X-TREM helmet


Responder goggle, anti-fog/anti-scratch


Aluminized neck curtain (rear coverage)


Wool neck curtain for (wide coverage)


Passive attentuation ear muff, 31 dB


Visor carrier


Fixation for visor carrier (pair)


Clear polycarbonate visor, 20 cm, anti-fog/anti-scratch


Nylon mesh visor for Forest Work (does not provide fire protection)